Threads for Teens

Meet Allyson Ahlstrom!

I met Allyson this past fall through the Nickelodeon Halo Awards! Allyson is an incredible young woman, she established her own Non-Profit organization that provides clothing to girls who are in foster care, group homes and extreme situations of poverty called THREADS FOR TEENS! After hearing about Allyson’s organization  I was completely moved, as most know I am a fashion addict so her cause really struck a heartstring! Allyson’s non-profit provides confidence to young girls at such a vital time in their lives! I am so lucky I got to meet and become friends with such an extraordinary young woman! This summer Threads for Teens is on tour visiting over 45 states! Allyson’s crew converted a trailer into a mini boutique where young women across the nation are provided with three items of clothing. I caught up with Allyson on her Portland stop and got to catch up and take a look at her mobile shopping center!

Check out Allyson’s website at

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